What's Required of You:


Admission Criteria

  • You have a strong desire to stay sober and drug free
  • You are physically and mentally capable of securing and maintaining full time employment
  • You are free from infectious diseases
  • You are willing to secure a sponsor and actively work a 12-Step recovery program 
  • You are willing to follow the rules and regulations and cooperate with staff and residents 
  • You are stable on psychotropic medication (see below) 
  • Complete a telephone interview for pre-admission
  • No violent offenders or sex offenders

What to Bring

  • Valid Picture ID and Social Security Card (Mandatory for Job Search) 
  • One suitcase of clothing that is weather appropriate which includes comfortable t-shirts (no alcohol/drug references please) 
  • Shorts, underwear, socks, one change of clothes appropriate for church, tennis shoes, work shoes, and flip flops/shower shoes 
  • Alarm clock (battery operated) 
  • Watch 
  • Laundry Basket 
  • Toiletries that do NOT have alcohol in them (no cologne) 

Prescription Medications

*We are able to accommodate men with mental health issues who can substantiate their stabilization on psychotropic medication by developing an action plan to address compliance with administration of those medications that are prescribed in cooperation with the prescribing physician. However, each resident must be able to present documentation that stabilization has been in place for a minimum of 3-6 months. Damascus, LLC is NOT a medical facility and does not provide medications. If such medical services are necessary, Damascus, LLC does not agree to provide those services, nor will Damascus, LLC be held responsible for providing such services. Acceptance into Damascus, LLC only provides the opportunity to participate in the programs offered. A person who has been accepted for admission can be terminated from the program at any time at the discretion of the Director or Executive Director due to non-compliance with the rules and regulations that are contractually agreed upon by each resident. This includes anyone who does not adhere to the necessary psychotropic medication administration schedules prescribed by the their physician. Such action planning begins with the telephone interview. 

Graduation Requirements

  1. Complete House Manager - 6 weeks minimum, complete workbook assignments and have a unanimous vote by the group to move to Junior Resident Status. 
  2. Complete Junior Resident Phase: Work Steps 1-3 with approved Sponsor from AA/NA , Develop and implement a Senior Resident Project
  3. Complete Senior Resident Phase: Work Steps 4-9 with approved Sponsor from AA/NA , Maintain Accountability for ALL Junior and Newcomer Residents, Demonstrate Personal Integrity to Staff, Develop and implement a Graduate Project 
  4. Complete All Cognitive and Psychoeducational Material Suggested by Damascus Staff
  5. Complete any Probationary and/or Court Ordered Mandate