Welcome to Damascus Rehabilitation Center for Men

Welcome to Damascus Rehabilitation Center for Men

Welcome to Damascus Rehabilitation Center for MenWelcome to Damascus Rehabilitation Center for MenWelcome to Damascus Rehabilitation Center for Men

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Who We Are


Damascus Sober Living

The Damascus program is a long-term substance abuse recovery facility for men in Statesboro, GA. Damascus, LLC is NARR, GARR, and THOR certifed. It provides a unique opportunity for men suffering from substance abuse disorders to live, work and recover in a safe, comfortable and emotionally rehabilitative environment.  Damascus is owned and operated by a nationally certified addiction counselor with years of experience in long term recovery from addiction.  Men are treated with respect and dignity, and provided with structure, accountability, cognitive behavior therapy counseling and 12-step support, while working in the local community to pay for their own rehabilitation.

What You Can Expect as a Client

Years of evidence based therapy for substance abuse recovery has tought us that the longer a person remains in an accountability system, the high the probability that individual will remain sober.  Damascus provides residents with a stringent set of rules to live by, 24 hour a day accountability to the other residents and staff, and provides counseling support for getting through the stresses which come along with day to day life and employment.  It is a step-up program, and each client must meet the requirements of the current phase in order to progress.  The average length of time to graduation from the program has been 14 months.

Each client is required to work recovery assignments, engage in weekly relapse prevention groups, work with a 12 step sponsor, and attend regular 12 step support meetings.  Each client is treated as an individual in the accountability environment of the program.  Working full-time allows the client the opportunity to become self-sufficient and self-supporting.  Life skills are learned and executed while living shoulder-to-shoulder with the other men in the program.  Broken individuals come in the program and healed communities leave.  Many of the former graduates of Damascus continue to live in the local community and provide support for current residents.


Therapeutic Model

In addition to structure and accountability, clients receive weekly group cognitive behavior therapy counseling.  Issues are addressed at both the group and individual levels, and old unhealthy behaviors are replaced with healthy sober behaviors.  Emotional issues are constantly monitored and evaluated in a safe and respectful manner, providing room for growth in family, work and friend relationships.


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