Client Testimonials


What it's like...

I owe my life to the Damascus long-term residential treatment program.  The love, care, structure and treatment I have received here can only be described as a miracle.  This institution has put my recovery first and allowed me to grow in sobriety daily.  I hate to imagine where I woulld be without the program and I thank God every day for pointing me in the direction of Vern Howard and Damascus.

                          Brady T.          

Alumni Testimonial...

Damascus has given me a chance to live a sober life again; a free and spiritual life.

I came to Damascus a broken man on the verge of death.  Through this program, I have been able to love myself and others, lose the obsession to drink/use, grow spiritually, work and live the AA principles, rebuild family relationships and mature as a responsible human being and citizen.

If it were not for Damascus, I would either be in a hospital, jail or dead.  It is a fact that Damascus saved and guided many a man to a sober way of living a free life.  I owe my life to Damascus and the Director, Vern.

                           Steve M.      

My Journey....

I began my journey in recovery in 2003 with years of several intensive inpatient programs, therapy and twelve step recovery groups. I have experienced the joys of recovery and the pain of relapse. In August 2013...All roads led to Damascus. Damascus gave me the opportunity in a safe and supportive environment to lear how to live recovery. I completed the program in October 2014 to live recovery. However, my disease was not cured and when we are not honest, it will re-surface...May of 2017, the grace and mercy of the higher power in my life, God as I understand, and many good people, brought me back to Damascus. Damascus is a refuge, its a sense of home, it encompasses recovery. Damascus is hope and direction: for my love ones, myself, for others, for our lives. I'm   grateful for the opportunity of my being here today, and hopeful for tomorrow.

                                      Ronnie. S

A New Life....

Attending Damascus,LLC changed my life. I was able to embrace time, space, and opportunity to figure out who I really was, and address the root cause of my alcohol and drug problem. I have a new way of thinking and acting. I surrendered to the program. Damascus allowed me to live life, deal with urges and desires, build a solid support network, and be a productive citizen. I thank the director Vern Howard for all of this......

Alister. H

Resident quotes

Ali. S

The Damascus program has shown me that I cannot do this alone. I suffer from a disease called addiction.

Nick. C

This program has truly saved my life. It has taught me how to become the man and father I want to be. 

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